Below are links to materials and resources such as handouts, books, and websites we’ve used or referred to at our events.

Transportation discussion, August 2018


Water discussion, June 2018


Resilient Table: impacts of our food choices, March 2018


Materials & Links from Know Waste to No Waste, February 2018


Resilience Action Forum, October 2017


Practicing Permaculture speaker, May 2017


Links from Self Care for Activists, March 2017


TED Talks Watch Party, February 2017

  • See this YouTube playlist. The first four talks were screened at our watch party. #5 is Rob Hopkins, founder of Transition, and #6-#20 are great talks on Sustainability and the New Economy we like.


Preparedness to Resilience, November 2016


Materials from Energy Efficient Home, October 2016

Materials from Saving Water, April 2016

Notes from Mary Carson:

  • Vic, at 304-5680, 722 Sunset Rd SW (south of Bridge), has the blue 55-gallon barrels for $20, also 5-gallon buckets (white) for $2. He usually also has metal barrels. The blue plastic barrels are food-grade. Call first, he goes out of town to pick them up.
  • has the siphon and also a variety of ways to trickle drip irrigate, putting water only where needed.
  • The public library at San Mateo and Comanche has Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands and Beyond: Volume 2 Water-Harvesting Earthworks available to borrow [editors note: several Transition ABQ members own this book and would lend it too!]; this book has detailed explanations of how to estimate how much rainwater you can capture, based on the size of the building.
  • There are regular ads on Craigslist for very large used containers for water, from various people; prices vary. These would be the ones I mentioned that folks up here use to haul water; clear plastic reinforced with heavy wire, a large cube thatfits in the back of a pickup.
  • And if anyone is looking for leather work gloves for women, Western Mercantile (across from the Post Office in Tijeras) has women’s leather work gloves in small, medium, and large for around $11 per pair. (I had a pair with me on the table.)


Materials from Soil workshop, March 2016

Resources from Relocalize our Economy panelists, Feb 2016

Local organizations to join:

Websites with great info:

Books for the truly interested:

Resources from our Winter Gardening panelists, Dec 2015

  • Info from Johnny’s Selected Seeds about winter farming.
  • If Eliot Coleman in Maine can grow through the winter we can too.
  • Resource from Mother Earth News on zone specific growing.
  • Rio Grande Community Farm (RGCF) will post registration information for our summer workshops and classes, some of which pertain to winter season extension, or if you’re needing more space to grow please consider joining our community garden.
  • This link has some information about what’s seasonal. In the ​A​bq area, I think the Los Ranchos market is the only winter one.​
  • ​Locations and phone numbers​ of our NM Co-ops​ can be found at There is also an archive of board study topics that an interested person might find useful.
  • You can download for free the bible of cover cropping. It’s really more for farms, but I think home gardeners are really missing out to not take advantage of cover crops. Much faster than composting alone to build soil​. ​
  • Jeff Ball’s 60-Minute Vegetable Garden (schedule​ ​for a year-round garden)
  • Elliot Coleman’s book, Four-Season Harvest.
  • Leandre and​ ​Gretchen Poissons’ book, Solar Gardening.​ (The Poissons’ book puts more emphasis on permanent covers to beds, like​ ​fiberglas​s​/plastics permanent removable lids on the beds.)


Materials from the Training for Transition (T4T) 10-11 April 2015 event