Work Groups & Projects



Permablitz group

Permablitz is a really neat concept whereby a group of people spend a Saturday on one person’s yard, working with a permaculture design to create edible gardens, composting, water catchment, and more. Volunteers are eligible to have their own yard ‘blitzed’ after volunteering in three other yards. Read more about it here and check out photos of our permablitzes here!

Meets: Twice a month at various locations. Usually one Tuesday night and one Saturday morning.
Next meeting: See the event calendar for the next Permablitz event.


Climate Action

One thing missing in Albuquerque for the last 8 years has been a climate policy from the Mayor’s office. Since some in the group actually worked on the 2009 Climate Action Plan that was never implemented after a new mayor took office, we believe it may be able to be revived. Transition ABQ joins several other groups such as 350 NM, Sierra Club Rio Grande Chapter, NM IPL, and Citizens Climate Lobby in the Albuquerque Climate Coalition. If you’re interested in joining this effort, contact Maggie at


Reskilling Group

The Reskilling group began considering ideas for a Reskilling Fair and joined with another discussion thinking about Disaster Preparedness. We believe these two subjects are closely related, and one of the ideas we had is to help re-ignite the Old School, which offered classes in many different skills, including those for preparedness. If you’re interested in joining, contact Leila at


School Gardens

This exciting group at the Resilience Forum discussed many ideas for School Gardens, which helped to inform a School Gardens Summit that happened in October 2017. Some from the group have since joined Sanctuary @ ABQ, and rather than duplicate their efforts, we encourage anyone interested in school gardening projects to join them!


Transition Streets

The Transition Streets workbook is now published and available for anyone who would like to use it! One group from the Resilience forum looking at neighborhood connections may start to implement it in select neighborhoods. From that we hope to start small neighborhood-groups that go through the workbook. Click here for more.



Former Groups


Food group

The Food Group worked for 2 years on various projects but members have moved on to join other groups.

The Food Group looked ways to move away from a food system that relies on fossil fuels for production, transport and distribution. We want to develop a resilient, regional food community that weaves together the producers and consumers in joyful eating.
We worked on our “Passport to Local Food” scavenger hunt activity at the 2015 and 2016 Local Food Festivals. Check out the photos from them here!
We planned the December 2015 gathering on Winter Gardening with a panel of 4 experts.
We created a “Local Food Challenge” you can print at home and challenge yourself to do.


Water Warriors

The Water Warriors began with a two areas of focus: policy and practical. For policy, we studied various water policy issues, both locally and state-wide. For practical, we met in different members’ yards to work on fun water harvesting projects. We did a multi-barrel rain catchment installation, created a street stormwater diversion system, and worked on other home-scale systems. This group is not currently meeting, but the Permablitz group has taken on water catchment systems in many of its projects.



At our May 27th, 2015 meeting, this group discovered the many existing environmental education programs and decided to merge with the Food group to use food as a starting point in educational opportunities. The first being the Local Food Fest activity.


Core Group

The Core Group organizes the monthly gatherings and helps oversee the work groups. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month around lunchtime, usually at Flying Star Cafe on Central Ave. Let us know if you’re interested in joining and we’ll let you know about the next meeting.