Resilience Forum

On October 15, 2017, we held a forum asking the questions:

  • How should we address our overlapping ecological, energy, economic, & equity challenges?
  • How will we do our part as individuals & communities to keep the Paris Climate Agreement? What are our priorities for local community projects? for City & State policies?

Participants brought forward many ideas, boiling down to 7 project ideas. At the end, we had a prioritizing session in which each person elected to lead or champion one project (yellow sticker in circle), and to support one or two others (pink & purple). Projects are still in their early stages, so now is the time to join and help shape their direction!

  • City Climate Action: reviving the Climate Action Plan of 2009 that became stalled. This would more than meet the standards of the Paris Climate Accords, signing onto which we will encourage the new city government. (Leads: Heidi, Laura, Maggie, Marilyn, Dan, Donna, Elisabeth)
  • School Gardens: this group went to the Gathering of the Gardens on 10/21. It sounds like they may join forces with Sanctuary@ABQ. (Leads: Beatriz, Danny, Kirsten, Lucas, Margaret)
  • Resource Guide: removing some of the barriers to communication between people, organizations, and government by sharing and amplifying existing resources in the city. (Lead: Lisa, Kharlos)
  • Reskilling / Preparedness: this group may create a reskilling fair event, revive the Old School, or work on preparedness skills workshops. Join if you want to help decide! (Leads: Steven, Leila)
  • Neighborhood Assets: this group wants to help neighborhoods share information and resources. It may lead to a citywide asset-mapping project, training in Transition Streets, or something completely different! (Leads: Andino, Elaine)
  • Public Transit: helping reduce the barriers to entry for people taking public transit, such as work on a campaign to help folks see how safe and cool it is to ride the bus. (Lead: Hannah)
  • New Economy: this group has ideas for reclaiming the commons, concrete projects TBD at the next gathering. (Leads: Kharlos, Swami)

We're asking each project group to go through this worksheet to help them get started.