Transition Streets

Transition Streets is an effective, replicable and fun project where neighbors come together to implement practical actions to lower carbon footprints, conserve water, reduce waste, and strengthen our neighborhoods.

Guided by a user-friendly handbook, you can join with a handful of your neighbors to read and discuss clear and easy actions, tips, and facts to increase your energy efficiency, cut down on waste, eat fresh and local, save money, and build a stronger community.

Participants of Transition Streets have fixed drafts and leaks, started composting, installed rainwater catchment and greywater systems, swapped recipes and ideas, shared tools and skills, lowered their utility bills, and best of all built friendships.

Transition Streets in ABQ

Starting in August 2017, Transition ABQ began focusing on implementing Transition Streets in our neighborhoods.

  • In the summer of 2017, we took some time away from regular meetings and challenged ourselves to spend more time in our neighborhoods with the Get To Know Your Neighbors Challenge (see below for resources!).
  • At our August gathering we went through the handbook outline and discussed how we may want to form groups. Some are ready to begin hosting by themselves or with a partner, others are interested in going through the handbook as a “test run” with other Transitioners (who may not be their neighbors) before taking it to their own neighborhood.
  • At our September gathering, we had presenters speak on how they organized the neighbors to create change in their neighborhoods. We were inspired by their community spirit and determination to make things happen together.
  • In 2018, we’re going through the handbook chapter-by-chapter at our monthly potlucks, in order to familiarize ourselves with the handbook so we can go out to our neighborhoods prepared.

If you are interested in starting a Transition Streets working group of your neighbors, the materials are here. It costs about $25 to print the entire handbook & materials in black & white at a print shop, so we encourage using the handbook digitally, and printing sparingly. If you do need a hard copy, let us know and we can print a few.

Transition ABQ will help you get started

We will provide guidance on how to start a Transition Streets group in your neighborhood, and make the materials needed available to you at low or no cost. If you are interested in starting a group in your neighborhood, and you’re willing to host, but you want help leading the group, we can match you up with someone who wants to lead but not host. If you’re willing to lead, let us know!
Members of the Core Group can also attend your first group meeting and remain available if you have questions or need support as you go through the handbook. When you’ve completed the handbook with your neighbors, you may want to share your group’s experiences and evaluations with others.

Get To Know Your Neighbors Challenge

Before we launch a Transition Streets project, we have to get to know our neighbors first! And what better time than summer to get us outside, slowing down, grilling food, and fussing with our plants?
So for the summertime, we challenge you to get to know your neighbors!
Level 1: Meet 3 neighbors on your block you’ve never met before.
Level 2: Offer 2 neighbors a gift (bonus points for giving fresh produce from your garden!)
Level 3: Host a barbecue or dinner party, inviting 2 or more neighbors.
Level 4: Organize a block party, inviting everyone and coordinating a potluck.

Here are some resources to get you started:
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