We are a grassroots action group working to build a sustainable and resilient Albuquerque. We are kicking the fossil fuel habit as individuals, neighborhoods, and as a city. We are relocalizing our food, education, products, and jobs, which lowers the cost of living and improves our health and community spirit. Together, we are capable of coping with the economic and ecological crises that are already happening as we become interdependent yet self-reliant.

Join us for our monthly gatherings where we network, discuss sustainability and resilience in Albuquerque, get updates from our work groups, share food, scheme ideas, do activities, and learn something new.
Our next gathering is Wednesday, November 2nd at 6:30pm at First Unitarian Church (Carlisle & Comanche, map here)

Preparedness to Resilience


We’ll be hearing some short stories of our friends withstanding disasters or times of going without, then we’ll have upbeat discussions on preparing for different circumstances which might arise in Albuquerque – forest fire, electricity blackout, drought, food shortage, economic meltdown. We want to design opportunities for our individual, family, neighborhood, and city’s future. We want to be prepared, not reactive, in wise and positive ways. Transition Towns all over the world are working on building community resilience to improve day-to-day lives while also preparing for the future.

Topic tables will include Food, Water, & Shelter; Transportation, Communication, & Technology; Health; Money, Barter, Time banking; Neighbors, Tribes, Support systems; Essentials; and Fun & Creativity.

Join us in this fun exercise in preparedness and community resilience!

What to bring*:

  • A dish to share for the potluck
  • A few dollars to contribute to the space

*No one will be turned away. Please come even if you cannot contribute.
We hope to see you there!